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Creative Studios


Youth cultural and leisure center - a structural unit of Kuban State University, was founded in 1994. Over the years, the center has become a second home for those who cannot imagine their life without creativity. This is where new stars are lit every year in the university’s skies. Eventually there emerges a real constellation of talents.

The main goal of the Youth cultural and leisure center is the organization of cultural and leisure life of students. Experienced professionals - managers of creative groups help students in this. Approximately one thousand students attend the YCLC studios. University leadership supported students’ initiative and as the result, in 2010 the biggest youth creative project in Krasnodar came into existence. It is called “Etazhi” (Floors) with at least seven thousand participants annually.  Within the framework of the Festival, there are ethnic reception parlors, creativity competitions, gala concerts of winners and prizetakers.

Every year YCLC of KubSU hosts more than 200 events.

There are more than 3 thousand students involved in 32 creative studios.