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Creative Studios

“Flash” Pop Dance Studio

Created in 1999, “Flash” pop dance studio is one of the largest at the Youth Center: about 70 students, mostly the fair part of our University, are the members of the studio.

The studio has taken an active part in a great number of contests and festivals of the regional, All-Russian and international level, and has always been highly appreciated by the jury and organizers.

“Flash” studio is the 1st place laureate of the Contest “Student Spring in Kuban”, 2nd place laureate of the International Tournament in Social Dance “The Crimea Cup” (Simferopol), 2nd place laureate of the “Open Cup of Russia” (Moscow). The latest victory of the “Flash” is the participation in the final stage of the Europe Pop Dance Championship, held in Moscow, and the invitation to the World Championship, which is to take place in Germany this autumn.

“South Side” Break-Dance Studio

“South Side” Break-Dance Studio is a relatively young group, which started active work in 2002. Nevertheless, it has already gained wide popularity, and not only among the students of our University.

Unlike the “Flash” studio, members of this collective are young men, which is called forth by high physical requirements, presupposed by the style used by the team.

The “South Side” Break-Dance Studio has made a good showing as a highly professional team within and outside the territory of the Krasnodar region. They have already won the 1st place at the Break-Dance Festival “Yuga-YUG”, both in the team and personal championship, and the 2nd place at the Festival “Student Spring in Kuban”.

Fine Arts Studio

In 2000 a fine arts studio was opened in the Youth Culture and Leisure Center, where any student can take a course of fine arts.

Vocal-Choral Studio “Ostrova”

Founded 5 years ago, the vocal studio has become laureate of All-Russian and Regional contests, such as, for example, festivals “Student Spring in the Caucasus”, “Student Spring in Kuban”, Moscow Festival “Festos-2203”, Krasnodar contest of vocalists “I love you, Russia”.

Participants of the studio take part in the concerts, organized at the University and other stages in Krasnodar.