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International Cooperation

  • KubSU took part in 10 international grant projects that were financed by the European Commission (Tempus Programme and the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development), the French National Center for Scientific Research (France) and Laval University (Canada);
  • The University cooperates with 55 foreign educational and scientific centers, 13 partnership agreements were signed in 2014;
  • In 2014 about 400 foreign students from 55 countries were studying in KubSU (including all forms of education and educational programmes):

  • 2 partnership educational programmes are functioning at the University, they suggest getting 2 national diplomas. The universities-partners of KubSU are Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Czech University of Life Sciences;

  • Within the framework of the  exchange programmes of the international academic mobility on the basis of the partnership agreements and contracts with 16 universities of Belgium, South Korea, Portugal, France, Germany, China, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and the USA 45 KubSU students studied abroad; 66 foreign students studied in KubSU;

  • 18 foreign professors from Germany, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, Bulgaria took part in educational process in KubSU – they lectured, carried out seminars and work-shops;

  • The representatives of KubSU took part in 41 international meetings;
  • Students, professors and members of the staff of KubSU completed internships in 22 foreign companies;
  • KubSU is represented in 23 international university and academic associations.