• The efficiency of the scientific research of KubSU has raised in comparison with the year 2013:
    • The number of publications in the database Web of Science has grown up at 15%, the number of quotations and the researchers in the database Scopus has also risen; the number of publications in Russian Science Citation Index has grown up at 10%, h-index has risen at 7 points;
    • The volume of the fulfilled scientific researches has grown at 1,5%;
    • The number of the text-books and work-books that were written by the workers of the university has risen at 57%;
    •   The number of monographs of the members of the university has risen at 10%;
  • 10 Thesis committees on 25 branches functioned, there were 36 defenses of the PhD degree (35) and Doctor of Science (1);
  • KubSU publishes magazines that are included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed journals and magazines. They are: the interdisciplinary journal in social and humanitarian field of study “Human. Society. Management”, “Ecological Bulletin of Research Centers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)”, “Economics of Sustainability”, and “The Voice of the Past”, “Economics: Theory and Practice”, “News of Kuban State University. Natural Sciences”, “Law Bulletin of Kuban State University”;
  • Traditional annual contests were carried out, such as “Top 100 Best Scientists of KubSU”, “The Best Young Scientist of KubSU”, “The Best Publication Activity in Foreign Magazines of the Part-time and Full-time Employees of KubSU” in order to encourage the research activities and to attract young scientists to research work;
  • The scientists of KubSU won 174 grants (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, Russian Science Foundation) for development of the scientific researches;
  • We have won 6 grants of the President of the Russian Federation for the state support of the scientific researches that are carried out by the scientific schools and young Russian scientists, PhD and Sc.D;
  • Young scientists of KubSU (4) got RF Presidential scholarships because they are working on the researches and developments in the priority areas of Russian economics modernization;
  • For her  scientific work “Nanocomposite Membranes for a New Generation of Fuel Cells, Sensors and Electro-technology” a young KubSU scientist, Chemical Science Ph.D. Shkirskaya Svetlana won a medal from the Russain Academy of Science and an award in the sphere of development and creation of the devices, methodology, techniques  and new scientific and technical products for scientific and applied purpose;
  • The innovative developments made by the scientists of KubSU were displayed at International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon
  • “ARCHIMEDES”, European Inventions Salon “Concours Lepine”, Scientific Technological Development of the Youth Competition, International Festival of Innovations, Knowledge and Inventions “Tesla-Fest”; scientific projects were introduced at the International Innovation Forum Sochi-2014, the “New Time International Salon of Innovations and Inventions within the framework of the International Forum «Crimea Hi-Tech – 2014»; all the innovative solutions and projects represented were highly praised by the experts and received various awards, in 2014 13 gold medals, 7 silver and 4 bronze have been received;
  • 33 international, all-Russian and regional research and practical conferences were held in KubSU;
  • The lecturers and scientists of KubSU took part in 598 international, all-Russian and regional scientific  conferences;
  • The Hi-Tech park “University” (accredited in 2004) provides the commercial opportunities to the innovative solutions of the KubSU scientists, it combines in its structure a business incubator,  research and development centers, 10 Small Innovative Enterprises;
  • The business incubator is the unique establishment in the Krasnodar Territory that is university-based. It functions as a platform for creation of experimental models of high technology products and technology zone (crystal growing, bio-technologies, chemical technologies, etc.);
  • In KubSU there is the only in the Krasnodar Territory astrophysical optical observatory that has an international status and also has the biggest in the South of Russia electro-optical astronomical complex; astronomical observations are held in the observatory, they include observations of the scientific satellite “Spektr-R” that was launched into high-elliptical orbit within the framework of the international project “RadioAstron” in order to research astronomical objects, to determine exact orbital parameters and predict its movements; more than 30 observatories take part in the observation program; in 2014 the KubSU observatory was included in the international program of observations of asteroids that come dangerously close to the Earth (it was the first time the observatories in different countries were simultaneously observing the astronomical objects);
  • Within the framework of the fulfillment of the Strategic Program of KubSU Development Hi-Tech computer,  multimedia and telecommunication equipment was bought in total for 73,017,000 RUB.