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In 2006 -2010, 22 projects were completed here within the Federal Special-Purpose Scientific and Technological Programs; 1596 scientific projects were realized to the amount of 873, 000, 000 Rb.

For achievements in innovative activities and participation in exhibitions and contests, the Kuban State University researchers have been awarded 90 medals, 150 diplomas, and 560 grants, including:

  1. 16 grants of the Russian Federation President – for support of scientific schools, young researchers and doctors of sciences to the amount of 5 mln Rb;
  2. 335 grants (87.5 mln Rb) of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research;
  3. 110 grants (10.3 mln Rb) of the Russian Foundation for Humanity Studies;
  4. 102 (9.9 mln Rb) grants of the Krasnodar territory Administration.