Kuban State University is a modern university with fine resources for teaching and research, supporting many undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Kuban State University has a long tradition of welcoming international students. Over 750 students from 60 countries are currently studying at Kuban State University.

The University's prime objective is academic excellence, and it achieves this by recruiting students and staff who share the desire to learn and explore. Where these students and teachers come from is irrelevant - their abilities and motivation are what count.

The presence of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures has helped to create a stimulating international environment for all members of the University.

We welcome all able candidates equally, from all types of school.

Many come from senior positions in developing countries to study a wide range of courses at various levels, including preliminary Russian courses, taught Specialist's - equal to Master's - and research degrees (PhD and DSc).

Kuban State University encourages and welcomes mature applicants who are over 21 as well because they bring with them a broad range of experience and make a valuable contribution to the University.

Applications are considered individually. Life experience, work, degree of motivation, and ability to succeed in your chosen area of study are all taken into consideration.