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Kuban State University welcomes international students and is generally able to provide accommodation for all new international students without dependants. Students reside at Kuban State University in dormitory rooms. The dormitories are situated on the University Campus. The four room apartments are up to date facilities and offer the opportunity to integrate into the University and interact closely with Russian students. International students live in separate apartments which consist of four rooms. One room is intended for two-three persons.

The University will give special consideration to cultural and religious needs but cannot guarantee that all international students will be accommodated in single rooms. 
The University also has a limited number of apartments for couples or families with up to two young children which are reserved for international students. Students should contact the International Affairs Department as soon as possible to check on availability.

For food-supplying the University has some cafeterias, student-canteen and bars. But students can go shopping and cook their own meal which is possible with the facilities provided in the dormitories.

There is also a Home stay Program for students who wish to experience Russian family life. This experience facilitates language learning and provides direct contact with Russian culture. Families vary in size and composition and can be as diverse as a single child or a couple with two-five children. Students take breakfast and dinner each day with their host family.

If a student does not intend to be accommodated both in dormitories and in a Russian family the University can offer him/her assistance in finding accommodation in the private rented sector.

While completing the application form - questionnaire- you should indicate your preferences in appropriate box: whether you prefer living in a dormitory or in a family.