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KubSU Achievements

Kuban State University is one of the leading educational institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation. Through the recent years, it consistently makes the top thirty of the best universities in the annual National rating, leading in the Krasnodar territory.

In 2015 KubSU won the 34th position in the National ranking of universities – the best result among the schools of the region.

KubSU is the only schools of Kuban included in TOP50 Expert RA ranking with economic and management programs.

In 2012 Kuban State University, together with other 55 schools in Russia, won the Strategic Development Program; successfully implementing the 5-year plan in all spheres of activity. Besides, the Student Associations Development Program won Federal Competitions several times.

Kuban State University is awarded with the gold reputational medal of Russian-Swiss business club and with a laureate diploma of the Competition European Quality Gold medal; winning quality competitions several times. KubSU, nominated in RTD Services with the programs of higher education, won the federal competition 100 best Russian produce.

KubSU Students at the Opening Ceremony of 2014 Winter Olympics

In Sochi took place the long-awaited event for the whole world - the Opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. 58 KubSU students became important participants of this ceremony and attracted the attention of hundreds of million people by performing in the arena of the stadium "Fisht" as actors of mass scenes.

Olympic Torch Relay. in Krasnodar started February 4, 2014. Since the very morning KubSU torchbearers were greeted in the streets. Ones of the first to carry the Olympic Torch were Ekaterina Ishkova, the head of the KubSU volunteer center and Nadezhda Kokhanova, student of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, volunteer of 2012 Summer Paralympic in London (top-5 of the best Russian volunteers), volunteer of 2014 Winter Olympics.

Mikhail Borisovich Astapov, the Rector of KubSU, finished the baton of the torchbearers and carried the torch along our alma mater - on the route of the Olympic flame to the Theater Square of the city.

KubSU Participates in the European International Program «Tempus»

KubSU won a contest of selecting projects applications to participate in the European international programme «Tempus». 171 of 937 academic projects applications filed by universities of different countries of Western and Eastern Europe have won the funding. One of the winners is a project application "Teachers’ Training and Educational Management for Working with Heterogeneous Groups and Organizations", conducted by the scientists of KubSU, 18 other universities and the University of Hildesheim (Germany).

KubSU students - grantees of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

the second intramural round of Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund scholarship programme for Masters finished in St. Petersburg; 30 KubSU students took part in it. Four of them became the winners: Svetlana Zyryanova (the Faculty of Chemistry and High Technology), Dmitry Samarski (the Faculty of Economics), Semyon Sechenev (the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences) and Artur Yusupov (the Faculty of Management and Psychology). In total there were more than 3000 applications from 75 leading state and private universitis of Russia.  

KubSU students were the best in Kuban Territory in Badminton

February 26 the Kuban badminton championship finished in Krasnodar. 83 athletes from different parts of the territory had taken part in it. Representatives of the Kuban State University won both men's and women's tournaments.

Olga Lipkina (the Institute of Primary Secondary Vocational Education) won the first prize among women. Besides, the girl took the first place in pair with Simone Kononykhina (the Institute of Primary Secondary Vocational Education) and in the mixed team with  a postgraduate student Gordey Kosenko, who was also the the best among men and won the first prize in pair with Dmitry Vakulin (the Institute of Primary Secondary Vocational Education).

KubSU students won a special grant forthe juniors

The winners of the contest for a special grant for juniors funded by the Krasnodar Territory administration have been announced in Krasnodar. Among them were KubSU students: Sergey Ostapenko (the Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations) and Victor Stepanov (the Faculty of Chemistry and High Technologies).

KubSU students at the Closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Sochi

March 16. The XI Paralympic Winter Games finished In Sochi. Russian athletes have achieved the highest results in all kinds of sports and won a record amount of awards. At the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi there were 260 KubSU volunteers: students, teaches and staff members as well as 16 students - actors of mass scenes. An important event was the participation of the KunSU second year student Dmitry Novikov (the Faculty of Economics) of Kuban State University in the Closing ceremony: Dima happened to become one of three representatives of the volunteers "Sochi 2014" to be invited to the arena of the stadium "Fischt."

KubSU scientists won 7 medals at the International Salon "Archimedes-2014"

On the 4th of April the XVII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimed" has been closed. Its participants demonstrated their inventions and innovative technologies to the world and took part in business and contest programmes. KubSU has been represented at the Salon with 10 science and innovative projects, 7 of which received awards (2 gold medals, 1 - silver, 4 – bronze).

KubSU students won awards of Oleg Deripaska Foundation

April 10. V.V. Pechkovskaya, the Head of educational projects of the Oleg Deripaska Charity Foundation and A.G. Ivanov, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and the quality of education, presented certificates to the students – winners of the scholarships of the Foundation.

At the same time there came a reward of archaeologists - volunteers of a student archeological group, "Nasledije" (the Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations) who had distinguished themselves in the excavation of the largest ancient monument on the territory of Russia - the ancient Greek city Phanagoria.

KubSU students receive 26 awards at the international Internet-competitions

The final phase of open international students Internet-competitions 2013-2014 academic year in ecology, computer sciences, statistics, structural performance of materials and theoretical mechanics is completed 2299 students from 215 universities and affiliated centers of the Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Slovenia participated in online computer-testing conducted in different educational institutions. KubSU students won 26 awards:  2 gold, 6 silver and 18 bronze medals.

Two KubSU students won "The IQ Competition of the Year"

April 25. the results of the governor contest of youth innovation projects "The IQ Competition of the Year" have been announced in Krasnodar. 15 of 294 projects were considered to be the best. Andrew Getmanskij (KubSU, the Faculty of Physics and Engineering) received the second prize (200,000 rub.) and Dmitry Novikov (KubSU, the Faculty of Chemistry and High Technology) - the third (100,000 rub.)     

KubSU athletes - the best in the Southern Federal District

April 28. The second stage of the IV All-Russia Summer Universiade has been completed in Adler. KubSU athletics team was the best in the Southern Federal District: KubSU won gold (865 points). The Volgograd University of Physical Education won silver (841 points).

KubSU students and postgraduates - scholarship of company "Philip Morris Kuban"

At the end of April in Krasnodar took place a ceremony of awarding scholarships of the grant program "Leader" founded by "Philip Morris Kuban". 48 of a total amount of 250 students and postgraduates became the winners, 16 of them - KubSU representatives.

KubSU wons silver at the Kuban Universiade

The XXIV Kuban Universiade has been completed in Krasnodar. For the third year in a row the KubSU athletes won silver in the overall standing, with a professional sport university being the first.

KubSU scientists received four prizes of the Territory administration

Every year the best science, education and culture projects receive awards of the Krasnodar Territory administration. Due to the decision of Alexander Tkachev, the Head of Administration of the Krasnodar Territoty, in 2013 there were 15 winners, with four of them - KubSU scientists. The number of KubSU winners prevailed.

KubSU - the prize-winner of All-Russian competition "The Institution of a Healthy Lifestyle"

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the results of the competition "The Institution of a Healthy Lifestyle". KubSU - the only higher educational institution of Krasnodar Territory - is among 37 Russian universities which have become the winners of the contest.

KubSU basketball players - champions of Russia

June 6. In Moscow took place the final of the Russian student basketball championship 3x3, which has been attended by 11 women's teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Tver, Smolensk and other Russian cities. The South of the country was represented by the KubSU basketball players who won the gold and received the right to represent Russia at the World Championships in Brazil.

Professor of a French university  - professor emeritus of KubSU

June 18. As part of a Russian-French roundtable Gerald Purcell, professor at the University of Montpellier 2 (France), Director of the Russian-French International Associative Lab "Ion-exchange Membranes and Processes," research coordinator of the National Center for Scientific Research of France concerning the usage of membrane in fuel cells, became an emeritus professor of KubSU.

KubSU students received the certificates of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

July 9. 11 KubSU students (the Faculty of Management and Psychology), who have passed the internship in the Kuban parliament successfully, have been awarded certificates of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory.

KubSU badminton players - the fifth in the world

July 29. In Cordoba (Spain) the XIII World Championship in badminton among students was completed. KubSU students Gordey Kosenko and Olga Lipkina were in the Russian team. It was their first performance at such a level and their results at a personal stage of the championship were the best - the top-5 best badminton players in the world.

KubSU football players - the European champions

August 8. The final of European Football Championship, which had been organized as part of the IInd European University Games took place in Rotterdam (Netherlands). KubSU football team won tha game with the University of Almeria (Spain) (3:0), and for the first time in the history of the Russian student football became the best team in Europe.

KubSU won five medals in the European competition of inventions

September 15. The results of the European Salon of Inventions "Lepine Competition" were announced in Strasbourg (France). KubSU participated in it for the first time and won awards - two gold and three silver medals.

KubSU at the forum "Crimea Hi-Tech 2014"

September 27. In Sevastopol the work o the international forum "Crimea Hi-Tech - 2014" has finished. It has been organized as part of the X International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "New Time". KubSU presented six scientific projects, each of which earned a medal (4 gold and 2 silver medals). KubSU also won the prize of the Sevastopol Naval Academy for a complex of innovative developments presented at the Salon.

KubSU student won one million to implement his own project

October 2. The Intesa Bank announced the results of the competition "Thinking of the Future Together" for the best innovative business project among the students. KubSU students presented 21 projects, 3 of which won awards. Anna Esich (the Faculty of Economics) won the third place and is to receive a scholarship of 5,000 roubles each month during the academic year. Daniil Nesinovov from the Faculty of Economics (the second place) won a paid internship in the affiliated center of Intesa Bank in Krasnodar. Maxim Tsaturyan (the Faculty of Physics and Engineering) won the first prize - 1,000,000 roubles for implementation of his project.

Eight KubSU students and postgraduates became winners of the "UMNIK" programme

October 30. The Foundation for assisting small innovative research and technology enterprises announced the results of the "UMNIK" programme. KubSU students, postgraduates and young scientists presented 25 projects, 8 each of which earned awards.

In KubSU G.S. Guzhin Memorial lecture hall appeared

October 31. In KubSU (the Faculty of Geography) the G.S. Guzhin Memorial lecture hall was opened. Professor Georgi Semenovich Guzhin (27.02.1922 - 11.02.2013), Doctor of Geographical Sciences devoted more than 30 years of his life to science, his students and KubSU.

KubSU - the best university according to the IInd European University Games

November 14. At the State Central Concert Hall "Rossia" the ball "The Star of Students’ Sport" took place. It organized by the Russian Student Sports Union (RSSU), supported by Moscow Government, which has been attended by KubSU football players and headed by M.B. Astapov, the President of the university. For contribution to the development of student sports movement in Russian KubSU won the RSSU award in the nomination "The best higher education institution according to the II European University Games".

KubSU postgraduates and postdoctoral students received the largest amount of scholarships in Krasnodar Territory

November 16. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Krasnodar Territory announced the results of the competition among applicants for the scholarships within talented young people receiving professional education in 2014. 105 postgraduate students took part in this contest; among 70 winners there were 32 KubSU representatives. Four of five winners among Ph.D. candidates were also from the Kuban State University.

KubSU received more President's and Government's scholarships

November 18. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the results of the competition for the President's and Government's scholarships. The competition was meant for the students studying in higher educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Education of Russia. Among the winners there were 9 KubSU students. This is the largest number of scholars among all the Kuban universities.

KubSU students won 21 medals at the international Internet competition

On the 19th of November the winners of the second (final) round of the Open International Internet Contest in the Russian language and Russian history in which about 600 students from 136 universities of the Russian Federation and the Republics of Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan had taken part, have been announced. In the final round also participated KubSU students: “the Russian language” - 17 students, “the history of Russia” - 16. They managed to show good results and won 21 medals (6 - gold, 4 - silver and 11 - bronze).

At Kuban State University there appeared a memorial sign

November 20. At the Faculty of Biology was opened a memorial sign dedicated to professor Vladimir Yakovlevich Nagalevski, Doctor of Biological Sciences. During 25 years he had been the Head of the department of biology and ecology of plants, for more than 20 years - the Dean of the Faculty of Biology.

KubSU has the best student labour union

November 21. At a conference of Kuban student labour unions "Studotryady 2014" in Tikhoretsk KubSU archaeological group "Nasledije" for the third time became the winner of the annual regional competition of Kuban student labour unions.  For the forth year in a row Sergey Ostapenko, the head of the "Nasledije" is considered to be the best student labour union's commander, and Nikolai Kikhaev - the best commissar. It should be pointed out that there are more than 600 of such groups on the lists of the Youth recruiting center, that bring together about 40 thousand students.

KubSU professors' international achievements

December 10. In Berlin (Germany) the results of the international painting competition have been announced. Tatiana Anatolievna Kurkchi, professor of the Faculty of Architecture and Design got the first prize in the nomination "Still Life" and received the first place diploma for the contest work "The Blessed Autumn".

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory met KubSU students

December 16. KubSU has been visited by Vladimir A. Beketov, the Head of the Kuban Parliament. His visit took place at the time of the 20th anniversary of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory. The guest visited KubSU fitness center, where he was able to assess not only the work of a swimming pool and gym but also the equipment for disabled student. Later V.A. Beketov had a meeting with the students of Kuban State University.

KubSU students - scholars of the bank "Centre-invest"

December 16. Endowment fund "Education and Science UFD" and Commercial Bank "Center-Invest" awarded the winners of the annual competition for scholarships, which had been organized for the twentieth time. KubSU proved its status as a leader taking into account the number of winners: 42 KubSU students will receive their scholarships (20,000 rub. each).

KubSU Innovators - winners of the city competition

December 29. In Krasnodar there were defended projects as part of a citywide competition "Innovation Krasnodar 2014". The first place and a prize worth 100,000 roubles received a draft of a small KubSU innovative enterprise "Bit-Eco" - "Nonchemical innovative technologies - ecogidroponika." The project has been presented by Maxim Tsaturyan, whereas Mikhail Sharafan is its author.