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If you are tired of learning LET'S GO AROUND THE COUNTRY!

According to the conditions of each individual contract, some excursions may be organised for additional fees. The University offers an extended trip to major cities and several local weekend excursions. Cities for travel may include Moscow, St.Petersburg, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Taman and other places.

In Moscow students can see the capital of the rejuvenated country, government building, historic neighbourhoods, churches and monumental exhibits.

St. Petersburg offers a chance to explore the imperial treasures, lovely baroque palaces, the worldwide known Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the charming areas outside the city.

Krasnodar itself has a lot places of interest. The city retains a strong regional identity as a centre of Cossack culture, which remains alive through folk festivals and the renowned Kuban Cossack Choir.

There are also some museums, art-galleries, concert halls, drama, music and ballet theatres, theatres for youth and children, and nightclubs in the city.

Beyond Krasnodar and the beautiful countryside around it, students have been able to take advantage of their proximity to the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea to visit historic sites and seaside resorts.

Not far from Krasnodar, Sochi is one of the world's largest first-class resorts and presents bright sun and the warm water of the Black Sea along with Southern hospitality.

Taman, a picturesque town of the Black Sea, has classical Greek sites and museums. One of them is devoted to a great Russian poet M. Lermontov, who spent in Taman just one night and described it in one of his works. Lermontov's festivals are held there annually on the date of the poet's birthday. The historical museum in Taman is famous for its unique collection of samples of primitive history and art.