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Faculty of Chemistry and High Technologies

Dean - Dr. Tatyana Vasilyevna Kostyrina

The Faculty of Сhemistry and High Technologies is a large centre with the latest equipment available, which uses the leading research methods and techniques to enable its students to pursue innovative and high quality research in the areas of the greatest interest to them while providing training in chemistry at a high scientific and pedagogical level.

Bachelor`s Degree Programme and Entry Requirements (Unified State Exam).


020100.62 Chemistry – Mathematics (USE), Russian (USE), Chemistry (USE)
Areas of study:

  • Inorganic Chemistry and Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry


280700.62 Technosphere Safety – Russian (USE), Mathematics (USE) and Physics (USE)

Areas of study:

  • Natural Environment Protection and Resource-saving
  • Safety of Technological Processes and Production


221700.62 Standardization and Metrology – Mathematics (USE), Russian (USE), Physics (USE)
Areas of study:

  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification
  • Standardization and Certification


260800.62 Production Technology and Foodservice Organization – Mathematics (USE), Russian (USE), Chemistry (USE)
Area of study:

  • Organization Technology of Restaurant Business


Master’s Degree Programme

020100.68 Chemistry
Areas of study:

  • 510501 Inorganic Chemistry
  • 510502 Analytical Chemistry
  • 510503 Organic Chemistry
  • 510509 Electrochemistry

221700.68 Standardization and Metrology
Areas of study:

  • 552215 General Quality Control
  • 552216 Verification and Certification



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