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Students’ Trade Union

The primary trade union organization (PTUO) of students of Kuban State University is the largest trade union organization of the Krasnodar region. It includes trade union organizations of the preparatory department, 17 faculties and affiliate branches of the University in Gelendgik, Novorossisk and Goryachy Klyuch. Over 85% of full-time students are members of the trade union.

The students’ trade union committee consists of 5 commissions: organizational, housing and communal, informational, cultural and educational, sports and health improving.

The trade union committee’s activity is highly appreciated by the Krasnodar region administration, Regional Committee of the Trade Union of Public Education and Science Workers of the Russian Federation.

The leader of the students’ trade union organization of KubSU is Ekverkhan V. Surkhaev.

Rights Protection

One of the main directions of the trade union activity is the protection of the trade union members, representation of their interests to the KubSU administration. The work is carried out on the basis of the Collective Agreement (1996, 1998, 2001), Regulations on KubSU PTUO (2001), Regulations on the Fund for Students’ Social Protection (FSSP) (1999), students’ dormitory (1995), scholarships (1995, 1999) and other documents.

The cases of students’ expulsion by the initiative of the University administration are considered jointly with the students’ trade union. The recent examples are the cases of reinstatement of expelled P.I. Tychinkina (Faculty of Journalism) and A.E. Eremenko (Faculty of Law) in 1999-2000.

The trade union supervises observance of state educational standards in the University: contents of educational programs, working load of students, rules for conducting examinations and tests.

The aim of the legal service, functioning under the auspices of the trade union, is to consult the trade union members on their rights and obligations, to consider claims.

The trade union takes part in the management and distribution of funds of the Social Protection Fund, which are allocated to indigent students in the form of moneyed assistance.

The trade union committee jointly with the FSSP governing board registers needy students, who receive moneyed assistance automatically, i.e. without an application.

Social and Economic Activity

One of the priority directions of the trade union organization activity is to render social assistance to infants, disabled students, participants of military operations, children of deceased military servants, students subjected to the damaging consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear station. At present about 200 students of the above categories study at Kuban State University. They receive social scholarship, in case of necessity they are paid the extraordinary moneyed assistance. The trade union also renders assistance to the students from needy families.

Housing and Communal Activity

The trade union organization is actively improving housing and communal facilities for nonresident students. About 2,000 students live in the University dormitories, including 34 young families.

The work of the students’ group for law and order maintenance has brought visible results: the number of violations in dormitories has noticeably decreased.

The students, who would like to rent an apartment in Krasnodar, will soon be able to take advantage of the new project “Address Book”. The project, which is being developed at the moment, will help students find a suitable apartment, quickly and free-of-charge.

Health Improving Activity

Health improvement is another important direction of the trade union activity. This academic year about 300 students had an opportunity to improve their health in sanatoriums in Sochi, Gelendjik, Arkhipo-Osipovka. Kuban students visit “Raduga”, a health improving and sports camp, on preferential terms, alongside with the students from St-Petersburg, Taganrog, Saransk, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-upon-Don.

Students and workers of Kuban State University have a unique opportunity to go for treatment in the “Yunost” sanatorium-preventorium, located in the University campus. The sanatorium offers services of massage, phototherapy, oxygen cocktail, dental surgery.

Taking into account positive effect of mountains on the human health, the trade union organizes regular camping trips for the students.

Student Volunteer Service

The Student Volunteer Service was organized to prevent drug addiction. The main forms of its activity are trainings, round tables, individual studies, actions, contests. During the academic year the Service questionnaires students from all the Faculties of the University in order to reveal the risk groups. These measures make it possible to organize efficient work on drug addiction prevention.

The KubSU Volunteer Service is closely cooperating with the Krasnodar and Regional Committee on Youth Affairs, Krasnodar Regional Narcological Dispensary. Under the supervision of the trade union workers of the Service have developed two programs on drug addiction prevention among students for the Administration of the Krasnodar region, one of which has won the contest of variative programs.

Today the Student Volunteer Service of Kuban State University numbers over 300 members in Krasnodar and the Krasnodar region.

Employment Assistance

The trade union organization is doing much for full-time and part-time employment of students through the cooperation with the “Avangard” Center of Professional Development, the Youth Labour Registry Office of the Krasnodar region and the Rosgosstrakh Company. The trade union assists students to find temporary employment in the building and construction industry. In summer many students are employed at the seaside, where they can work and have rest.


The students’ trade union organization of Kuban State University is an active participant of All-Russian actions, organized by the Trade Union of Public Education and Science Workers of the Russian Federation. It has also organized a number of its own actions. One of the recent examples is a charitable contribution on humanitarian assistance to the children’s home in the Otradnoe village, held under the motto “Listen to Your Heart!”

Students’ Scientific Society

In the year 1995 the Students’ Scientific Society was revived by the initiative of the students’ trade union.

Mass Cultural Events

And how can we manage without merry student events? The trade union is actively promoting events for students’ spare time: KVN teams meetings and “What? When? Where?” games, concerts, exhibitions, sport events. Students of Kuban State University get considerable discounts while visiting best cinemas and night clubs of Krasnodar.

The trade union renders financial support to contests, cultural events, held at the University, celebrations of the Faculty Days.