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KubSU & Mass Media

Development of internal and external communications of KubSU is considered to be a responsibility of the press service of the University with the Rector’s PR assistant; teachers and students of the Faculty of Journalism are fully engaged in the activities of the office on the basis of which also the edition and publishing of the university newspaper function, radio and TV studio work;

In 2014 journalism student continued broadcasting their own youth TV programmes on Muz-TV as well as on TV local channels of the Krasnodar Territory municipal structures (due to a cooperation agreement between KubSU and regional channel  Muz-TV);

The homepage of KubSU informational portal as well as a corporate university newsletter (founded in 1958) are used to cover all current events of KubSU community;

In 2014 KubSU launched an informational portal connecting all the information systems which are used to secure various university activities (informational requirements database, containing 57,902 documents; ADS (Application Campaign) "The Priemnaya Kampanija" processing the data of applicants, research and intellectual property databases, etc.), the possibilities of which tend to expand;

Due to the efficiency of data reporting it became possible to  broaden contacts with users of the KubSU information portal, the page traffic of which has increased significantly compared with the year 2013.

KubSU informational portal serves to attract applicants, foreign students and teachers, further vocational education students, increases the amount of Russian and foreign partners as well as effective implementation of KubSU scientists' scientific research for the students’ practice in Russian and foreign companies; it is also used to increase the demand for University graduates as well as to attract students to participate in socially significant events of various levels;

Almost all major municipal and regional mass media represent materials concerning all fields of KubSU activity; the amount of publications has increased significally taking into consideration of the fact of participation in 2014 Winter Olympics the highest number of volunteers trained by the volunteer center of KubSU. Students performed in mass scenes of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Local communities and media paid great attention to their activity.

KubSU external communications develop and strengthen their position in the media of Krasnodar Territory and Russia as a whole due to the presence of the university groups in social networks; in these groups KubSU posts information and announcement of upcoming events, highlights conditions of various student competitions, etc.: "VKontakte" - KubSU group (16116 members, above 3000 more than in 2013), KubSU trade union group (8133 members, above 2000 more than in 2013), KubSU MKDTS group (5368 - above 1000 members more than in 2013); in social networks different groups of various KubSU faculties, student associations, clubs and societies: "VKontakte" - Faculty of Management and Psychology group (2458 members), Faculty of Law group (2400 members), etc., KubSU VTS group (1923 members), KubSU OSO group (856 members), KubSU SNO group (851 members), etc. have also emerged and are actively developing